What our Junior/Young Riders have to say about participating in the CDS Southern Region Junior/Young Rider Clinic:

Gabriella Titus

Dear CDS,
I had the most amazing experience this past weekend at the Charlotte Bredahl CDS Junior and Young Rider clinic held at Sterns Stable in Riverside, CA. I gained so much insight on training my first horse, Gideon, who is green but shows so much potential. Charlotte gave me a few new tools to help get my horse more connected from back to front. She really stressed how I need to ride him more forward to come over his back and how important it is to have an elastic feel on the reins. Not only did Charlotte help me while I was riding, but she also took the time to teach me a few tips on how to lunge Gideon more effectively. Her longing technique were something I had never seen before and I will certainly continue to practice at home.

Throughout the weekend I was able to watch many other riders of various levels which inspired and helped me better understand each movement. All together I left that clinic with more knowledge of dressage and a better understanding on what Gideon needs, so we can both improve.

I would like to thank CDS for providing all the lunches and the pizza dinner during our clinic. Also a special thank you to the CDS Pomona chapter for sponsoring me during this clinic. I learned so much and this was an incredible opportunity for both me and Gideon.

Thank You!
Gabriella Titus


Thea O'Dell

Good evening! Here is my recap of the junior/young rider clinic that I was so thrilled to be apart of!

It is absolutely true to say that being given the opportunity to ride in the CDS Southern California Junior/Young Rider Clinic was a long-awaited goal achieved. With my relatively new equine partner, Zee De Man, this weekend adventure came at a perfect time with a fabulous clinician, Elizabeth Hendrix. The summer weather was a welcomed challenge considering how wonderful and helpful my two lessons with Liz were. She was immediately able to pick up what our strengths and weaknesses were and culminate multiple exercises for us as a pair to improve/better specific movements in the level tests that we are currently schooling and competing in. I loved how technical she was throughout the lessons and also how specific she was about certain body parts that clearly influence the horse and how they respond to certain cues and work. Liz definitely knew how to make these 45 minute lessons worth the weekend trip and threw in a little humor while she was at it too! After my weekend at this CDS-sponsored clinic I can confidently say that the rest of my competition season and future rides will be done with significant improvement, new ideas and great exercises to carry with me in every ride. I can't say thank you enough to the Pomona chapter, Elizabeth Hendrix and everyone else who was involved in making this opportunity a reality!